Cylinder Heads


      Big Block Chev 454 Top Engine Kit

      Kit contains Alloy cyclinder heads--Tappet covers--Gaskets inlet & tappet cover--Roller rockers and intake manifold.

      Price: $2385.00


      Alloy V8 Cylinder Head

      To suit VN Holden.

      Price: $Call


      BBC Aluminium Cylinder Heads

      Aluminum cylinder heads to suit BB Chev 427-454

      Price: $Call


      Holden 6 Cylinder Red Heads

      Yella-terra with screw in studs and guide

      Price: $895.00


      Holden V8 253-308 Heads


      Price: $685.00


      Ford 289-302 Heads

      2nd hand worked

      Price: $385.00


      Holden 6 Cylinder Red Reconditioned Head

      With extractors and Holley 280cfm carby on Cain manifold

      Price: $685.00


      Holden Fully Worked Cylinder Head

      To suit Holden 6 Red studs/guides/springs. Also has mated McGee fuel injection and tuned extractors.

      Price: $985.00


      Holden V8 253-308 Heads

      2nd hand worked pre pollution heads

      Price: $585.00


      Ford 200/250 Aluminium Heads

      To suit 6 cylinder non- cross flow alloy cylinder head. Options Bare or assembled head - imported.
      Contact us for more information.

      Price: $Call


      SBC Double Hump Heads

      Fully worked cast iron heads - 435HP

      Price: $1985.00


      Holden Red 6 Cylinder Heads

      2nd hand worked pre pollution heads

      Price: $1285.00

      Holden 6 Cylinder Heads

      Alloy cylinder head for Holden 6 / 12 port Blue. Chambers available 56cc or 72cc.
      Note Roller Rockers available to suit.

      Price: $2975.00

      YTABH308-1 Holden Cylinder Heads

      Famous Bennett "Hi-Port aluminium cyclinder heads for 69-86 Holden 308. Cast 356-T6 aluminium with 56cc combustion chambers these heads offer unbelievable HP straight out of the box. They are designed to use any inlet manifold & exhaust, dramatically improves over standard heads & changes will yield 39.5% more air flow and provide significantly more power output from your engine.

      Price: $2985.00 a pair

      YTABH5000-9 VN Holden Cylinder Heads

      Cast aluminium bare cyc heads for VN style Holden. For the Serious engine builders are the 1st choice for any Holden V8 & can be adapted to early 308 engines. They are a direct bolt on when using VN style inlet manifold & exhaust headers plus camshaft == Cast from 356-T6 Aluminium- 50cc combustion chambers—2.02" & 1.60" valves fits Early & Late Holden V8

      Price: $1589.50 a pair

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