Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What payment options are available.

    Aust Post COD requires a deposit up front –just to cover the postage. This is due to some client's circumstances changing and no longer being able to afford the goods. If goods are not picked up by the client and returned to us as uncollected we incur Postage charges, both ways just to get back our goods—at no fault of ours! This applies to goods, which we stock and have on hand.

    Bank credit cards Visa and Mastercard , direct bank funds transfer, money orders Aust Post or International draft. Coming in the future Pay Pal Goods, which we have to specially obtain in on your behalf – these have to be paid upfront!! Cheques ONCE funds have cleared into our bank urgent clearances involves bank fees.

    Q2. What are Revhead's business hours.

    24 hours fax or e/mail, phone Monday-Sunday 7.00am---8.00pm 0409-005 183

    Q3. Can I buy direct from you?

    Yes you can but we require you to make an appointment prior to the pickup (see above hours of business). We are located at Coorparoo, south of Brisbane.

    Q4. What type of guarantee do you provide with the products you sell?

    Refer to our Terms of sale of parts.

    Q5. Can I pre-order items that I am interested in, when you travel to the USA?

    You can provide us with details of parts you need, prior to us going to the USA, but we offer no guarantees that we will be able to meet your requirements. We obtain parts from swap meets in California and any items you require have to be available at the meets that we attend. If the item is not available we do not have the time or facilities to find it by other means.

    Q6. How long does it take to deliver items I have purchased?

    It generally takes 2-3 working days to deliver items you have ordered. If you are paying via Direct Deposit, this time starts when we have received advice that the money involved has been deposited into our account. However it also depends on size, method of transport required to deliver the goods. The specific goods to their location – anything in size over 950mm for Aust Post is TOO big. Also payments via cheques may take 7-10 days to clear once we have received the cheque.

    Q7. What does it cost to freight items to my address?

    The cost depends on your physical location and the weight and dimensions of the item(s) you purchase. We will advise you by phone or email at the time of ordering, as to the cost involved. Goods may actually weight 3kg however when adequately packed with packing to prevent breakage the physically measurements may calculate to a cubic measurement equalizing of 44kg and that is what the transport companies will base their costing on as it does take up space in their container.

    Q8. What automotive items do you sell, can you get all car parts?

    An extensive range for 4/6/v8 from spoiler-scoops-flares-performance parts new and 2nd hand Carbies-mamifolds-extractors-distributors-ignition leads-gauges-vehicle enhancement items, wheel arch mouldings, sill entrances-nudge bars - Parts location service/ client's brokage to buy and sell goods with the benefit of credit Wanted to buy –Wanted to sell—Wanted to do a deal on Most people have goods which the want to sell so as they can have money available To buy something that they wish to buy---to make it easier for all parties we can provide Card facilities ====for this there are fees involved –bank credit card fees and brokage. Bearing in mind that for private transaction there is not GST or warranties involved As there are in business as that is a commercial enterprise.

    Q9. Are the items you sell used or new?

    Could be either depending on condition and availabity

    Q10. Do you offer advice on the items you sell?

    We offer telephone support on all items we sell, including advice on the correct items for your individual needs.

    Q11. Do you give discounts?

    Join our Supa Saver Club and save 10-20 % off your purchases based on annual purchase spend.

    Q12. Do you provide gift vouchers?

    Yes, for $50---$100.00--$250.00---$500.00

    Q13. Can I order parts from overseas locations?

    Yes, but payment can only be made via Direct Deposit into our acccount or by Credit Card, and as special procured items money upfront and plus freight. Extra once goods are here and we know exact importing delivery costings


    Notation: Please confirm actual pricing at the time of purchase as variations may apply—eg as plastic. And fiberglass is a byproduct of petrol/fuel these prices fluctavate same as at the booser. Also I will wish to put a Clearance special section for All my odd stock and specials which my suppliers Advise me on---these are get in now whilst limited stock is available




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