Freight Costs

    Getting your goods/purchases to you can be a complex issue to the inexperienced !


    Like all suppliers there is a cost for your purchases, which we then have to deliver to you and there are a number of factors which will influence that cost. We have solid goods and we have fragile breakable goods that require additional protective packing which will affect the size of the parcel !

    Nobody likes to receive damaged goods. We at Revheads do our ultimate best to ensure that after your goods leave us they arrive at your end in one piece. In saying that we cannot be responsible as to how they are handled whilst on there way to you ! This is called despatch costs PAH (Packaging and Handling) which takes time and materials.

    F990 (insurance) which all transport companies require, should there be an unfortunate accident and this is a % $$ which is calculated as a % on the cost of the goods involved. Charge rate is $3.00 base plus $1.00 per $100.00 so an  invoice value of $685.00 would cost only $10.00

    DC which is the transport cost involved, are all different as it depends on;


    1. The size of the packed goods


    2. How they are to be delivered


    a/ Australia Post

    b/ regular mail

    c/ overnight Express Post

    d/ Transport Company

    e/ Bus freight

    f/ Air freight


    Not all transport methods may go to your specific destination eg. may have to be picked up by you at a Depot or Roadhouse nearest to you, if you live in the outback. We are every experienced at what method is best suited to your needs. Most transport companies supply us with work sheets to give an approximate zone costing and time to your destination.


    DC is the freight dispatch costing at what we consider to be the best saving for the client--depending as to where they are located--most is sent by Fastway Couriers, however they do not go to all country towns--in that case they are posted via business freight Aust Post but in some cases there are restrictions on size and cost e.g. cannot be larger than 990cm in size or 20Kg in weight (a specific example would be to send a A9X bonnet scoop to Tasmania being $80.00 via Aust Post verses $40.00 via Fastway Couriers.



    Freight Size Calculation


    To help you understand how freight sizes are calculated, a front spoiler may weigh only 5Kg but when packed in a carton with suitable packing protection, the formulaic weight is 41Kg, due to the space it takes up in the delivery vehicle.

    For example, the actual measurements are 1600mm x 400mm x 260mm, calculated as 1.6 x 0.4 x 26 = 0.17 x 250 times = 42.50 kg.





    We prefer to send out goods packed correctly to ensure there are no breakages, so we pack all goods in shredded paper. This increases the size of the parcels but places a protective lining around the item. This results in the size calculation equating to a larger cubic measurement, but litle or no additional weight. But it still takes up additonal transport space, so that an item that is a physical 2Kg weight could equate to a chargeable weight of.



    Package & handling.


    Packaging and handling is a small nominal charge that applies to cover consumables such as packing-tape, paper and time involved.


    Click here for further information from Australia Post.


    For information on How Big, How Small or How Heavy an article can be click here.



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