Floor Shift Kit

      Floor shift kit with linkages to suit M20-M21 gearbox in vehicle with bench seat

      Price: $589.50


      Hurst Pro-Matic 2 Auto Shifter

      Round knob - 2 speed power glide

      Price: $425.00


      Speco Floor Shifter - new

      To suit Ford Top Loader twin lever. This is now rare - it is a new/old stock

      Price: $468.50


      Speco Manual Shifter - new

      Centre Shifter 4 speed Saginaw

      Price: $365.00


      Speco Manual Shifter - new

      Centre Shifter 4 speed Aussie

      Price: $365.00


      Speco Manual Shifter - new

      Speco centre shifter to suit LC-LS 3 speed

      Price: $298.65


      Speco Manual Shifter - new

      To suit EH-EJ Holden, 4 speed, non-syncro

      Price: $189.00


      Speco Auto Shifter

      Round knob, to suit Turbo 350, linkage type

      Price: $285.00


      Speco Auto Shifter

      T-bar - To suit C4 XW-ZD

      Price: $285.00


      Speco Auto Shifter

      T-bar - To suit Borg Warner

      Price: $285.00


      Speco Auto Shifter

      T-bar - To suit Turbo 350, linkage type

      Price: $285.00

      Corvette Sports Shifter

      Sports Shifter for Corvette = C5, 1997-2003 Z06 with 6 speed , the performance that you demand, 30% shift throw reduction, Direct bolt on installation, Accepts factory gear knob, provides smooth these shifters provide smooth transmission performance, flawless shift coupled with strength

      Price: $Call

      BM45088 - Nissan Precision Sports Shifter

      Shift throw reduction of 40% for quicker precision shift. Direct bolt on simple straight forward installation provides the level a profession performance minded driver requires,premium sports shifter one extraordinary precise shifting system found in Race cars. Fits 1988-99 Nissan 180SX-200SX-250SX / 1991-94 Pulsar GTiR-Skyline RB20

      Price: $Call

      BM80681 - Z Gate Shifter

      Ideal for project on a budget, and is the only choice T trigger, eliminates the possibilities of over shifting and missing gears easy to operate. Fits 3 speed transmission only, measures 13.15" Long / 4.02" Wide / 11.83" High. Reverse lockout meets NHRA / IHRA requirements includes neutral switch & back up light. Fits GM TH400-350-250-200-Ford C4-C^-Chrysler 66 & later A727-A940. Will not do 700R4-th200-4R or AOD. Cannot be used with reverse pattern manual valve body.

      Price: $Call


      Star Shifter

      Versatile Star Shifter right hand drive, straight line detent. Just lift the trigger all the way up converts it to a ratchet fit 3 Speed automatic. Fits GM TH400 / 350 / 250 / 200 / Ford C4 & C6 / Chrysler 1966 & later Torqueflight A727 / A904. Measures 12.22" Long x 12.12" Wide x 2.90" high.

      Price: $Call

      BM80683 - Quick Silver Ratchet 3 Shifter

      Provides shifting without trigger action – just lift the knob/stick assembly and move it the forward position reverse lock out features meet NHRA/IHRA requirements, includes neutral safety switch , back up light, LHS lighted gear indicator, can be used in reverse pattern valve body Measures 12.22" Long / 6.21" Wide / 12.23" High. Fits GM TH400-350-250-200-700R-4L60E-5E-4L-L80E-L85E / Ford C4-C6-AOD / Chrysler 66 & later torqueflite A727-A940

      Price: $Call

      BM80685 - Mega Shifter

      High performance ratchet action, is ideally suited for most popular universal applications. Measures 12.88" Long x 6.57" Wide x 12.61 High reverse lockout features meets HRRA / IHRA requirements. Includes safety switch, back up light, lighted gear indicator, can be used with reverse pattern valve body right hand side lighted gear indicator. Fits GM TH400-350-250-200-700R4 & 200-4R-4L60E-4L65E/ Ford C4-C6 & AOD, Chrysler 66 & later Torqueflite A727-A940

      Price: $Call

      BM80690 - Mega Shifter

      Ratchet action 3 and 4 speed ,accurate shifting,reverse lock out, meets NHRA/IHRA requirements, can be used with reverse pattern valve body, neutral safety switch,back up light, lighter gear indicator LHS, Measures 12.98" Long / 6.57" Wide / 12.61" High, universal application. Fits GM TH400-350-250-200-700R4-200-4R-4L60E-4L65E / Ford C4-C6-AOD/ Chrysler 66 & later torqueflite A727-A940

      Price: $Call


      Pro Stick Shifter 2

      The ultimate shifter for 2-3-4 speed Powerguide with or without Air or Co2, reverse lockout meets NHRA/IHRA requirements, modular quick change gate plate, precise gate action. Fits GM TH400-350-250-200-700R4-200-4R-4L80E-4L85E, Ford C4-C6 & AOD Chrysler 66 & later torqueflite A727-A940

      Price: $Call


      Pro Stick Shifter

      The shifter for 3-4 speed ultimate transmission control and performance. Fits GM TH400-300-250-200 700R4-200-4R-4L80E-4L85E. Ford C4-C6 & AOD / Chrysler 660& later Torqueflite A727-A940 Measures 8.23" Long / 2.92" Wide / 9.22" High

      Price: $Call

      BM80775 - Sports Shifter

      Want to turn your column change into a floor shifter & still retain performance flavour. Looks identical to manual 4 speed cable operated 12.75" High includes neutral safety switch. Can be easily installed, similar to B & M top line shifters. Fits GM TH400-350-250-200-700R4-2007R-4L60E Powerguide (w/manual valve body only). Ford C4-C6 & AOD Chrysler 66 & later Torqueflite A727-A904

      Price: $Call

      BM80776 - Sports Shifter

      Low price alternative to Mega Shifter but performs well at 1/2 price. This is not a ratchet & not intended for racing--has a lighted gear indicator. Fits GM TH400-350-250-200-700R4-2004R-4L60E-4L65E-4L85E, Ford C5-C6 & AOD/ Chrysler 1966 and later A727-A904. Measures 12.18" Long / 11.15" High / 6.19" Wide

      Price: $Call


      Hard Core Street Bandit Shifter

      Comes with blade style narrow styling streetability/driveability. Milled from 7lb Billet aluminium. Fits GM TH400 -350-250-200 & 700R4 / Ford C4-C6 / Chrysler 66 Torque Flight A727-A904.
      Will not fit Ford AOD

      Price: $Call

      Pro Bandit 2 Shifter

      2 speed gate shifter for Powerguide reverse exit cable-entry rear of transmission, meets NHRA/IHRA reverse lock out requirements. All Bandits use the same gate plate. Fit GM Powerguide 1962-1973 with std and reverse manual valve body reverse safety switch built in , easy to operate gate mechanism, Intended for custom installation. Measures 9.96" Long / 133" Wide / 9.31" High

      Price: $Call

      BM80797 - Hi-Tek Street Bandit Shifter

      Same features as Hi Tek Street Bandit is the pro choice the ultimate for Street rod or Hitek Street machine narrow styling measures 9.98" Long / 9.93" High / 14.33" Wide. Can be used with reverse pattern valve body – includes neutral safety switch with back up light. Fits GM TH400-350-250-200 & 700R4 Ford C4-C6 Chrysler 66 & later Torqueflight A727-A904. Not Ford AOD

      Price: $Call

      BM80842 - Pro Ratchet Shifter

      Short throw ratchet action, work in std or reverse patter valve bodies. Measures 10.75" Long, 2.90" Wide, 9.22" High, includes neutral switch, back up light switch, gear position indicator decals. Fits GM TH400-350-250-200-700R4-200-R4-4L60e-4lL65E / Ford C4-C6-AOD / Chrysler 66 & later Torqueflite A727-A940

      Price: $Call

      BM80885 - Hammer Shifter

      Multi-position trigger is spoon shaped is easy operate in a multi grip position which is perfect for all new generation vehicles and street rods reverse lock out feature that meets NHRA/IHRA requirements, it has a neutral safety switch with back up light & lighted gear indicator, can be used in reverse pattern valve body measures 13.56" Long x 6.25" Wide x 10.07" High. Fits GM TH400-350-250-200-700R4-200-4R-4L80E-4L85E / Ford C4-C6 & AOD Chrysler 66 & later torque flite A727-A904

      Price: $Call

      BM81011 - Street Rod Shifter

      Easy to operate, gate style in a compact shifter mechanism, bolts direct to transmission, fully adjustable mounting bracket assembly for optimum shift location, choice of sticks 12" or 15" – right length for you. No buttons to rattle, features neutral switch

      Price: $Call

      BM81014 - Street Rod Shifter

      Gate style mechanism,,easy to operate,compact,attaches direct to transmission, choise of 2 length sticks 12" or 15" , no buttons to rattle.just press down & into reverse, fully adjustable mounting bracket,neutral switch Fits GM TH-700R / 4L60 with 4 bolt rear extension housing.

      Price: $Call

      BM81040 - Magnum Pro Grip Stick

      The Ultimate Drag shifter for Drag car for 2-3-4 speed. Forward and reverse pattern compact strong functional measures 8.23' Long / 2.92" Wide / 12.09" High. Features Reverse lock out meets NHRA / IHRA requirements-modular quick change gate plate 2-3-4 speed. Fits GM TH400-350-250-200-700R4-20R- Ford C4 –C5 & AOD

      Price: $Call

      BM81041 - Magnum Pro Grip Stick

      Incorporates all the Pro Stick features. Use a interchangeable gate plate. Measures 8.23" Long / 12.04" Wide / 2.92" High. Ultimate Powerguide applications Reverse lockout features meet NHRA/IHRA requirements. Modular quick change gate plate designed for 2—3—4 speed- precise gate action ensures consistency. Fits GM Powerguide 1962-1973. Option cover BM80717 available.

      Price: $Call

      BM81120 - Stealth Pro Ratchet Shifter

      Easy to operate, ratchet shifting action with reverse lock out means you will never miss a shift, single hand operated reverse lock out. Meets NHRA / IHRA requirements, stick always return to centre position after shift, short throw action, easiest unit to double shift with an air, CO2 or electric shift mechanism. Fits GM TH700R4-400-200R4-350-250-200-3 & 4 speed 4L60e-4l65E / Ford C4-C6 & AOD / Chrysler 66 & later torqueflite A717-A940

      Price: $Call


      Ford Auto Shifter - used

      To suit Ford OEM shifter

      Price: $165.00

      HU5030030 - Hurst Indy Manual 4 Speed Shifter

      Is an Indy universal 4 speed floor shifter to suit  Muncie/-Borg-warner T10 & Super T10 adaptable top most cars for centre location in RHD. Requires adaptor HU5030034. Features narrow spring loaded gate for ease of operation, 7 1./2" tall lever, comes complete with hardware & linkages, option of bolt on sticks for custom vehicle applications.

      Price: $465.85


      Hurst Indy Manual 4 Speed Shifter

      Ford top loader, H pattern. Narrow spring-loaded gate for easy operation, heat-treated internal parts, chrome steel shifter stick, black shift knob

      Price: $Call


      Hurst Indy Universal 4 Speed Shifter

      4 speed floor shifter

      Price: $468.85

      HU5030034 - Hurst Indy Manual Shifter Conversion Kit

      Is a universal 4 speed RHD adaptor for Ford Falcon XR-XY / XA-XC/ XD/XF --Holden HQ-WB - Torana and early Commodors with Top Loader transmission. Adapter lowers the shifter mechanism and centres the shifter handle through the centre console. Comes with all hardware and mounting supplied. See item HU5030031.

      Price: $Call


      M20 OEM Floor Shifter - used

      To suit Holden

      Price: $125.00

      Aussie Shifter

      2525519K complete speed Aussie shifter suit Bucket seat straight lever

      Price: $549.85

      Sagional Mechanism

      3922514 Mechanism ONLY for Sagional gearbox shifter (no Linkages)

      Price: $296.85

      Aussie shifter Bench

      2812578K complete shifter kit with linkages to suit Bench seat

      Price: $597.85

      Linkage kit 4 speed

      GSLK linkage kit ONLY for Aussie shifter bench or bucket 4 speed shifter

      Price: $278.65

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